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Victor Agina Counted, PhD, PhD, is an interdisciplinary psychologist, social scientist, author, minister, and teacher. He is an interdisciplinary researcher by training, psychologist by methodology, theologian by passion, and eclectic scientist at heart. 

Dr Counted is an associate professor in the School of Psychology and Counselling, College of Health and Behavioral Sciences at Regent University, Virginia USA. 

He is also Faculty Affiliate of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University, USA.

He is a Fellow of the International Society of Science and Religion, and honorary fellow of the school of psychology, Western Sydney University, Australia.

He had previously worked as a researcher and lecturer in South Africa, Nigeria, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Dr. Counted has degrees in theology, social sciences, and earned his doctorates in Health Psychology (Western Sydney University, Australia, 2019/2021), and Psychology of Religion (The University of Groningen, Netherlands, 2019).

Trained as an interdisciplinary social scientist, health psychologist, and practical theologian, Dr Counted’s body of work has sought to address various aspects of psycho-social, psycho-spiritual, and human-environment processes that shape human flourishing across cultures. He is also known for his contribution to the dialogue between psychology and religion.

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Dr Counted is working to support, sustain, and strengthen what makes communities flourish through community-led initiatives, teaching, writings, and funded research projects.

He is currently working with colleagues at Harvard’s Human Flourishing Project on the Global Flourishing Study as part of the core analysis team.

He has published six books and over 50 research articles and scholarly chapters examining various psychological resources and processes that facilitate health and well-being across cultures.

His research also investigates how the loss of psycho-social and psychospiritual resources can lead to maladaptive responses such as attachment-psychopathology, suffering, spiritual struggles, or the radicalization of thoughts and behavior. Dr Counted continues to write on how these maladaptive responses can be mitigated by a healthy adjustment strategy, detachment behavior, individual level of resilience, and relevant healthcare policies and practices.

Dr Counted has received the following awards and honors: 

  1. 2021 – Nominated Fellow (FISSR) of the International Society for Science and Religion
  2. 2019 – Recipient of the Wessel Ganzevoort Award for outstanding PhD thesis, University of Groningen
  3. 2016 – Dean’s HDR Research Award, Western Sydney University
  4. 2015 – Research Fellowship Award, Stellenbosch University
  5. 2012 – Leadership Excellence Award (Student Council President), West Africa Theological Seminary 

Thoughtful. Diligent. Goal-oriented. Passionate. Sensitive. Confident. Deep thinker. Intellectual. Compassionate. Follower of Jesus. Family oriented.

Dr. Counted is married to Jessie, an education services manager and leader. They are blessed with their son Victor.

He is a proud Igbo man and the eldest of six children. His father, Ignatius, is a pastor, and his mother, Ann, is a school teacher. 

Dr. Counted loves to travel, write, teach, serve others, and binge on Netflix.