Victor Counted, PhD

Behavioral, social, and health scientist, author, research consultant, entrepreneur, preacher, and speaker. Dr. Victor Counted is an interdisciplinary researcher whose main research fuses psychology, religion, and health. He specializes in applied health research, social, positive, and environmental psychology, and the psychology of religion/spirituality. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Western Sydney University, Australia, and a second Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Groningen, Netherlands. Dr Counted writes and speaks on various aspects of psychosocial processes and human-environment interactions that shape well-being, resilience, and human behavior across cultures. His scholarly work coalesces around themes such as adult attachment, mental health, psychological well-being, religion, spiritual healthcare, sense of place, migrant quality of life, radicalization, suffering, hope, and human flourishing. He is committed to transforming people and organizations by identifying and implementing research, leadership, and education strategies for personal and professional development.



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