Victor Counted, PhD

Dr Victor Counted is a behavioral and social scientist. He has doctorates in psychology (Ph.D., Western Sydney University) and religious studies (Ph.D., University of Groningen). Dr. Counted’s interdisciplinary research fuses psychology, religion, and health — addressing various aspects of psychosocial and psychospiritual processes that shape well-being, quality of life, and human connection. He is known for his scholarly work on: 

Population & community health: minority health, migrant quality of life, suffering, mental health, psychological well-being; 

Adult attachment: place attachment, religious/spiritual attachment, attachment with adult caregivers, attachment psychopathology, attachment & radicalization; 

Religion/spirituality: religious coping, spiritual struggles, religion & wellbeing, religion & place, spiritual care, God representations, relational spirituality, attachment-religion framework, African diaspora religion, religion & migration, religious psychopathology;

Human-environment interactions: sense of place/community, place attitudes, place attachment, sacred places, pro-environmental behaviors; 

Migration & diaspora studies: migration & health, religion & migration, African diaspora, acculturation  

Positive psychology: coping, self-transcendence, authenticity, resilience, hope, wellbeing, meaning-making.



Research and practicies promoting health, quality of life, and human connection

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