Victor Counted, Ph.D.

Dr Victor Counted is the Head of Research & Program Development at Counted Solutions Pty Limited and Fellow of the School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Western Sydney University. He is also Research Associate of the Cambridge Institute for Applied Psychology and Religion and Bible teacher/preacher at Zuphland Ministries. 

Dr Counted earned his Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D. (Psychology) degree from Western Sydney University, investigating “Attachment and Quality of Life in Australia.” He also has a Ph.D. (Religious Studies) from the University of Groningen, examining the intersection of “Migration and Religion” and a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) from Stellenbosch University where he examined youth identity crisis in a South African context.

As an interdisciplinary scholar and behavioural scientist, Dr Counted is interested in the psychology of religion, health psychology, and environmental psychology. His scholarly work examines health outcomes, adult attachment experiences, place attitudes, religious behaviours, spiritual care, psychopathology, and global migration epigenetics. 

When not researching, he enjoys trying new restaurants, movies, destinations around the world, and sharing the message of hope and resilience with other travelers on the road of life.


Dr Victor Counted is a seasoned educator with a passion to equip the next generation of leaders.


Dr Counted provides knowledge translation workshops for community leaders & health professionals.


Dr Counted offers consulting services through Counted Solutions Pty Limited, a Sydney-based management and research firm.

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