Research in Media

My work and experiences have been shared with The Conversation, Psychology Today, Niuew Wij (Dutch), Nederlands Dagblad, AllAfrica,, Newsify, News Republic, Big News Network, and more. I am a regular guest on different radio podcasts, and have also been interviewed with on my work. For media inquires, please send a message to 

How to form new habits — and break old ones

Interview Published in ABC God Forbid Program

Remembering Our Lost Ties To Place Due to SARS-CoV-2

Published in ABC Religion and Ethics

Sustaining Well-being in the Absence of Hope

Published in Psychology Today! 30 January, 2021.

Migrants and the bond with God: attachment and survival are linked

Published in The Conversation 21 January, 2020.

Can Religious Coping Help Australian Bushfire Survivors?

Published in Psychology Today 20 January, 2020

The Security of Place & Resilience

Published in Psychology Today 19 March, 2019.