Dr Vic Counted is an interdisciplinary researcher by training, psychologist by methodology, theologian by passion, and eclectic scientist at heart. He is interested in various aspects of psychosocial, psychospiritual, and human-environment processes that shape human flourishing across cultures, and is also known for his contribution to the integration of psychology and religion. 

With academic backgrounds in psychology (PhD, Western Sydney University) and religious studies (PhD, The University of Groningen), Dr Counted has contributed to the borderline between psychology and religious studies. 

He has achieved this by:

  • explaining the behavior of people of faith through insights from psychological science;
  • documenting for social and behavioral scientists some interesting links between the science of religion/spirituality and health;
  • comparing big ideas about human nature and evolutionary perspective found in both psychological research and religious/theological literature;
  • showing how religious/spiritual experiences and beliefs stem from the unfolding contexts of people-place interactions;
  • documenting how attachment disruptions in religious, geographical, and political contexts are associated with the risk of radicalization of thoughts and behavior.

Recently, Dr Counted is working on research and community interventions to promote post-pandemic flourishing and assess the attachment radicalization framework. 

The research flow chart below shows all the topics he has worked on, giving a bigger picture of his scholarly contributions


Prospective Colleagues and Researchers: Feel free to reach out to me for collaboration if our research interests intersect.

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